About Us

Zulu fins, started as a  part time project in 2012. Hundreds of test fins and hours on the water have eventually resulted in a incredible product.

Based in Cape Town South Africa we make use of some of the best conditions in the world to continually test our fins. Jules, designed the  Shaka and Khulu foils and it was his continual assistance and motivation that inspired the fins to become a reality. Robbie put together the composite layup of the Shaka and Khulu fins and personally makes each individual fin  to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship. The preparation, layup, curing and hand finishing procedures take 7 days. The bend characteristics of each completed fin is tested for quality to ensure consistency, 

Each fin is treated as a new project and it is an absolute priority to make sure the best available materials and facilities are used in order to ensure consistency, accuracy and quality.