Tech Data

Zulu slalom fins are designed for maximum speed and control. Two years of testing has resulted in our first Zulu fin available to the public. A limited number will be made in 2015 and full production will start in 2016.

Currently we have three slalom foils available.

  1. SHAKA - Thin tip - Slippery and FAST - Recommended for constant wind conditions. (Sizes 30 to 50)
  2. KHULU - Fat tip - Powerful and FAST - Recommended for inconstant wind conditions. (Sizes 40 to 50)
  3. UMBANI - Thin tip - loose. Powerful and FAST - Recommended for  down wind conditions. (Sizes 25 to 50)

Fin Head
The fin head is completely wrapped in carbon for re enforcement. Some boards may require that you sand the fin head slightly in order to achieve a tight fit. Use a sanding block with 300 grit water paper. Warning - Beware not to over sand the head.

The ZULU SHAKA slalom fin is 90% carbon, which makes the fin incredibly light and strong. Each fin is made by hand over a 7 day period. Top quality moulds are used to ensure consistency and an accurate profile.

Example:   151050     (15 = year) (1050 = production number)

Bend Curve
Currently the Zulu Shaka fin is available with a "soft = s" constant bend curve. The aim of the bend is to give total control at maximum speed.

A raked sleek profile designed for early planing and maximum speed. The fin is powerful and offers a slippery feel with maximum control.

All fins have a 6 month warranty. (see terms and Conditions)

Alternative fin sizes are available together with customized rake and fin box positioning.

All fins will be shipped to your requested address 10 days from the date your payment is received.