Team Zulu in Jersey. Chris , Andy and the boys you make windsurfing the sport it is. These guys are the true spirit of windsurfing with great competition, awesome frienship and maximmum party. Go team Zulu. 


 Well done to the two Zulu Girls

Anne Schindler (Zulu fins) 2nd Place --- Far Right
Miriam Rasmussen (Zulu Fins) 3rd place----Left
An awesome effort by Anne and Miriam for reaching some really great speeds. Control = speed and thats why they ride Zulu's.

Anne Schindler is going to be a force to be reconed with in the future, Here she is flying down the speed strip at the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge. Zulu fins offer incredible control especially in extreme conditions..

Norway's Miriam Rasmussen on fin choices for the lighter rider from Jaco Wolmarans on Vimeo.

German slalom champion Vincent Langer on his fin preferences from OVC on Vimeo.

The Zulu "Shaka" is a fin that offers fantastic control in rough high wind conditions. Built and tested in Cape Town where extreme winds have assisted in creating a unique fin that offers incredible control.



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